National Marble 2020 Catalog

  • Fiorito Puebla
    Fiorito Puebla

    National Marble

  • Onix Piña
    Onix Piña

    National Marble

  • Veracruz

    National Marble

  • Santo Tomás
    Santo Tomás


  • Onix Rojo Imperial
    Onix Rojo Imperial

Marble is a natural product formed over millions of years. Marble floors and marble decks for centuries have expanded for their elegance, beauty and avant-garde throughout the world. Marbles are a symbol of added value in all types of projects, from a small cover for bathroom furniture in Travertino Puebla marble, to facades in Carrara marble, stairs in Emperor Brown marble, walls in Black Marquina marble and floors in Santo Tomás gray marble.

Mexico has a wide variety of national marbles, such as Fiorito puebla or well known as Travertino Puebla, Santo Tomas marble, Tepeaca Gray marble, Trevertino Rayado, Beige Wood, Veracruz travertine or better known as Novona travertine, tobacco brown marble, beige marble maya or better known as vienna yellow marble, belagio marble, red travertine, as well as chocolate travertine.

In addition to its extensive range of national marbles, there are also different finishes for marble. Polished and shined marble, Matte Marble, Busarded Marble (ideal for terraces), Century Finished Marble. Of all the varieties available the most common and requested is polished and shined marble.