Marble - Granite Stairs

Logotipo Troystone best prices for marble or granite stairs in Guadalajara

The staircase is a construction designed to communicate several different spaces at different heights and is composed of steps (steps) that have three main parts called footprint, cantilever, and cantors or dust cover, the latter has the function of protecting the wall adjacent to the staircase.

In Logotipo Troystone Marbles and Granites, we offer the service of manufacturing and installation of the footprints, the cantors and the base of its stairs in marble of the best quality and with the best finishes that will make this space a transit zone of great elegance in your home .

    SLIM Finished

    Left side view

    FLAT Finished

    Left side view

    BOCA DE PESCADO Finished

    Left side view

    PICO DE GANSO Finished

    Left side view

    MEDIA CAÑA Finished

    Left side view


In this section you will find the marbles that for their beauty and price are the favorite of our customers

  • Sahara Marble
  • Mármol Marrón Light
    Mármol Marrón Light
  • Marmol Santo Tomás
    Mármol Santo Tomás
  • Marmol Negro Marquina
    Mármol Negro Marquina
  • marmol Crema Marfil
    Mármol Crema Marfil Comercial
  • Mármol Galala
    Mármol Galala


In this section you will find the recommended granites for the coating of steps in addition to being the favorite of our customers

  • Ubatuba Green Granite
    Ubatuba Green Granite
  • Gris Plata Granite
    Gris Plata Granite
  • Black Matte Granite
    Black Matte Granite
  • Dallas White
    Dallas White
  • Oxford Grey
    Oxford Grey
  • Grisal (Blanco Acapulco)