Sealers for marble and granite


Every natural stone is porous to some extent. If it is not treated with a protective protector, stains such as water, oils and other liquids can easily penetrate the stone, leaving unsightly stains that damage it. The same goes for the joint surrounding the coatings. The good news is once it is treated with a protective protector, natural stone, coatings, masonry, and joints are ready for worry-free daily use.


When cleaning natural stones and coatings, it is important to use specially formulated cleaners for such surfaces. A large part of general-purpose cleaners contain acid and alkaline ingredients, abrasive compounds, ammonia or chlorine, which can break down sealants and damage the surface of stones. Our cleaners are carefully formulated by scientists who understand how to care for stone surfaces and coatings. Choose from our daily cleaners, or for more difficult jobs, use one of our specially designed heavy-duty products.


In addition to protecting and cleaning natural stones, sometimes you want to transform your surface to achieve the deceased appearance. From the intensification of color, polishing, gloss or the addition of a glossy finish, our transformation products satisfy this need. If the stone needs restoration, our entire line of professional products can bring its surface back to life.